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UV Lamp Tester

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Units in Stock: 20
Product Code: ACM-10000
  • Can be used to test for a working vacuum in mercury arc, metal halide, neon, fluorescent and L.E.D lamps before installing into the system.

    Each tester is personally tested with four batteries as it is packed for shipping to you. If your tester does not work after you have installed your own four fresh AA Alkaline batteries, then the batteries are installed wrong. Please note that two batteries are inserted in one direction, while the other two batteries are inserted in the opposite direction. There are printed instructions to assist you, of how to install the batteries properly, inside the white box that the lamp tester comes in.

    NOTE: Avoid touching the antenna while operating. Avoid touching any surface other than the intended test lamp/lamp while operating. Do not operate the tester around flammable liquids or gasses. 

  • We are able to dispatch using a 24hr courier

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